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Fun family facts
  • Father of three.

  • I have five wonderful sisters and one brother, who is one of a kind. They all have Greek names. 

  • Montse, my wife, is from the last generation of left-handers who had their hands tied at school to make them right-handed. 

  • My mother reads and writes Egyptian hieroglyphics. She taught me never to stop.  

  • If you’re Spanish and over 35, your COU Philosophy textbook was probably written by my father. He taught me to stop. 

  • I was born on 19 March (Saint Joseph’s Day). If I’d been born on any other day, I’d be called Héctor Platón (Plato) instead of Héctor José (Joseph). My brother is called Andrés Sócrates.

  • I’m colour-blind to the point where I have drawn a green dog when I was 3.

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  • Undergraduate degree in Geography and MA in GIS.

  • Executive MBA from the IE Business School. 

  • Scout from Cubs to Team Leader.

  • Travelling with my friends from Scouts. 

  • Musicals: I’ve seen the musical HNMPL more than 10 times, among others.

  • Science fiction: I have a collection of over 400 books. If I had to choose three authors I’d go for Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and Orson Scott Card. 

  • Films and series: Mad Men, The West Wing, Friends, The Godfather, The Sopranos, Citizen Kane, The Last Mohican, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 12 Angry Men, etc. 

  • Sports. Watching and playing. Ping-pong, basketball and football. 

  • Scout and Betis supporter since I was young. 

  • Radical Optimism (see TEDx talk)

greatest failures
  • Having barely any contact in recent years with a few people who were part of the history of Geographica.

  • Signing a contract with Sotogrande Town Hall six months before it went bankrupt.  

  • Not separating family and work enough. 

  • Taking longer than recommended to leave the regional public sector for the Spanish and international private one. 

  • Not having lived in the USA for a couple of years. 

  • Sometimes thinking that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and creative. 

  • Buying Pescanova shares days before it went bankrupt. (Actually, my net balance from investments is pretty good, we all have blots in our copybooks.)

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