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Anti PowerPoint Party

does using PowerPoint generate billions of losses a year?

Anti PowerPoint Party is an international ‘movement’ against using PowerPoint. Sign me up today! This Swiss-born ‘political party’ claims that using PowerPoint generates billions of losses a year. Why? Because it makes people waste endless time watching and giving long, boring and repetitive presentations.

Today’s recommendation is: “Don’t use PowerPoint unless someone puts a knife to your neck”

In this forum I’m humbly trying to offer recommendations to tech entrepreneurs and businesspeople and today’s recommendation is: “Don’t use PowerPoint unless someone puts a knife to your neck”.

We all know it’s true in our hearts but are slow to change. During presentations you’re bound to have spotted colleagues yawning, fidgeting and the client looking at their computer. It’s even more noticeable in videoconferences: one colleague is typing throughout the meeting, your potential client has another screen reflecting in their glasses, or an internet connection suspiciously fails. You know how it is. It’s especially hard when you’re at a presentation and someone is trying to sell you something like that, or when you see a colleague sweating and struggling as they give a presentation and no one is paying them any attention. It’s horrible and it’s all down to a poor strategic decision.

Alternatives from better to worse

  1. You present live with what you want to show in real time. Without being afraid of making a mistake.

  2. You record a video and screenshot your app or whatever you want to sell.

  3. Screenshot your app.

  4. You make a simple pdf without any special effects or anything. Keep it short – very short.

  5. Canva, Slides, Keynote are more or less the same as PowerPoint but a bit more ‘modern’ – if you can’t kick the habit, they’re an alternative.

Conclusion: Show more

In marketing there’s a saying that goes: “If you can show it, show it.” I firmly believe it’s true and that’s why, if you’re selling an app, a solution or whatever, I recommend showing it. It works better and is far more straightforward.

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