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I’m Héctor García Fernández and I’d like to use this space to share my modest professional experience directing and leading tech projects with any entrepreneur who is a part of this challenging, competitive and stimulating community. I founded and was CEO of Geographica for 15 years until it was bought by CARTO in 2019, the leading company in the sector. I invest in tech companies from Habichuelas Ventures. I’m also the founder of, a social platform that promotes sustainability.


I’ve felt like an entrepreneur since I organised a ping-pong tournament in secondary school. That was the moment when the bug I’d caught for launching projects took over. 
I’m the founder and former CEO of Geographica, a technology company that focuses on geospatial technology. Geographica had a great team of professionals who rose to the challenge of successfully developing different solutions for clients including Mastercard, Vodafone, Telefónica, BBVA, Renault, Real Madrid, Repsol, among others. In 2019 it was bought by CARTO, the leading company in the sector. 
I invest in tech startups in Andalusia and Madrid from Habichuelas Ventures. 
I’m also the founder of, a social platform inspired by the 18 sailors who made the first circumnavigation of the world that promotes sustainability within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

And a few other things you’ll find here

Projects led in::



Miguel Arias

Global Entrepreneurship
Director en Telefónica

Héctor isn’t just a great professional, he’s a great person. One of those people who makes an impression wherever they go.


Pilar Manchón

Research Strategy
en Google AI

Geographica already showed great promise when we were office neighbours at Indisys. It’s been a pleasure to see how Héctor has become a brilliant example of a tech entrepreneur and investor.


Juan Martínez Barea

Fundador de y Embajador de Singularity University

Héctor is a great businessman who is capable of successfully leading both a high tech company and a social project that aims to improve the world. And what’s even more important to me is that he’s truly generous, giving everything he’s got, and a really great person. I’m proud to be his friend.


Are you a fund/VC or business angel?

I help to connect funds and business angels with startups in Madrid, Andalusia and Morocco.

Are you a startup?

I’m looking for promising tech startups in Madrid, Andalusia and Morocco.

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